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How speaking with a Twi tutor helps you learn faster

Watch your pronunciation improve, your vocabulary expand and your confidence skyrocket! As we aim to help Ghanaians in the diaspora learn twi here are reasons why many have taken up our new e-learning Twi lessons.

1) Learn in Your Own Time and Pace

With the online Twi lessons you can learn anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection. When you have a Twi tutor, you will be able to pick a date and time that suits you whilst tailoring it to your level. What’s more, you will have the opportunity right from the start to select the topics and areas you want to learn based on your interests, this way you will be more willing to learn Twi. If you require more or less lessons, you can choose which course works best for you - either 5 lessons or 10 lessons.

2) Access to Resources 

Our Twi tutors come well equipped with structured online lessons whilst following a curriculum. Your tutor also utilises specialist books, creative slideshows and powerpoint presentations and bespoke Study Twi worksheets which you get to enjoy! Most importantly you will have access to the Study Twi support team to help you with any questions you may have. 

3) Practise Real Twi Conversations 

By studying Twi with a dedicated tutor, you’ll be able to watch your pronunciation improve and your confidence sky rocket! With a patient Ghanaian Twi tutor, you will be repeating key words, phrases and sentences allowing you to feel more confident when it’s time to speak to Ghanaians in real world settings. Furthermore, your Twi tutor will teach you how to accurately spell and say words correctly in order to convey the intended meaning. Furthermore, our tutors are fluent Twi and English speakers and can comfortably switch to either to help you learn Twi in a thorough yet easy and comfortable way.

4) Monitor Your Progress

Throughout your online Twi course you will complete speaking and listening tests to enable you to monitor your progress. Additionally, you will be assigned homework to complete on a weekly basis which will then be marked by your tutor ahead of the next lesson. The goal is to reinforce what you’ve learnt, correct mistakes and get you to use the words confidently in conversation.

5) Understand Ghanaian Culture and Etiquette

You will learn how to speak Twi politely and formally when engaging with adults as well as the appropriate informal language to use for peers and your friends. With the online tutoring lesson you will have all your questions about Ghanaian culture answered. 

Our online Twi tutoring lessons at Study Twi are now fully booked! Stay tuned for more resources and Twi services to help you learn Twi effectively. Contact Study Twi for any queries.


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