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🌟 Express Your Emotions in Twi! 🌟

Welcome to our vibrant Twi language community, where your journey to confidence, fluency, and self-expression begins! 🌍 Imagine effortlessly expressing your emotionsin Twi, feeling confident and connected with the rich Ghanaian culture.


What’s included?

Why master emotions in Twi? Because it's the key to unlocking authentic communication! Our carefully crafted worksheet empowers you to express everyday feelings – from the joy of gratitude to the thrill of excitement. 🎉

Discover the practicality of learning emotions and feelings as you navigate real-life situations. Imagine confidently stating, "I'm thirsty," "I'm scared," or "I'm grateful." These phrases aren't just words; they're your ticket to genuine connections and cultural immersion.

Ready to infuse your Twi conversations with emotion?  

Download your FREE worksheet today and embark on a transformative journey toward fluency and self-assurance! 🎓 Don't miss this chance to speak Twi with heart and soul! 💬✨


Get to Know Us

Study Twi is founded by Serwaa and Ama, we are Ghanaian girls born and raised in London. We were taught Akan Twi by our Asante parents and we are on a mission to teach you Twi making you profecient in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.


Had enough of relying on family and friends to teach you Twi? Don't know where to start? Fed up of learning Twi from outdated textbooks? Finding it difficult to navigate your way through random Twi "lessons" online?


What People Say

Learning Twi has always been a goal of mine as I was not taught at a young age. I am so glad that I took the step to start learning with the Study Twi Team. I have learnt so much, and feel a lot more confident speaking the language. The lessons are very well structured, practical and fun. I would highly recommend! 


Our Courses


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