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About Us

It's time to speak Twi



Study Twi is a quick and simple way to learn one of Ghana’s languages - Twi. We are an online learning platform for Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians of all levels to improve their language skills.


Study Twi is founded by young Ghanaians who were neither born or raised in Ghana but were taught the language and culture by their Asante parents.


Our Purpose:


With everyone’s eyes on Ghana, many Ghanaian youth in the diaspora are naturally teaching their peers about the Ghanaian culture. This of course must come with the main language - Twi. However, mustering up enough courage to form coherent sentences is an area where many of us fall short. African languages are often overlooked and deemed as too cultural, however, with the increasing interest and tourism Ghana has seen over recent years, it’s only right for those interested in the country and its people to learn and speak the official language too.

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