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Build Confidence
Speak Twi Fluently
Express Yourself

Ditch the Twi textbooks and long videos, join our one-to-one interactive lessons with qualified teachers to speak Twi fluently. When you learn with us, you'll be speaking, writing and reading Twi in your very first lesson. Guaranteed!

        Real life conversation practise and scenarios

        Listening activities and videos

        Learn vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, pronunciation, intonation.

        Get to know Akan culture with Twi lessons, and also the different dialects.

        Join a community of Twi learners just like you


It's time to speak Twi

Personalised Group Lessons

Enjoy 1 hour a week with a dedicated Ghanaian professional teacher. The lessons are designed to help you meet your goals!

Experience personalised attention, collaborative practise, and cultural immersion, accelerating your path to fluency in Twi.

📚 Comprehensive Study Material

Dive into lesson notes, homework assignments, and a curated vocabulary list to enhance your learning.

📊 Track Your Progress

Stay motivated with regular assessments to monitor your growth and celebrate your achievements.

💡Engaging and Fun Lessons

Our qualified and professional teachers ensure each lesson is not just educational but enjoyable too!



Learning Twi has always been a goal of mine as I was not taught at a young age.
I am so glad that I took the step to start learning with the Study Twi Team. I have learnt so much, and feel a lot more confident speaking the language. The lessons are very well structured, practical and fun. I would highly recommend! 



Ama is very patient and coherent. She breaks the pronunciation down so simply it doesn’t feel overwhelming. I really enjoyed the class and would love to do more!



Growing up my Ghanaian dad spoke English with us. As soon as I got the chance, I took matters in my own hands. I really wanted to learn Twi and came across the Study Twi website.Three years in (with breaks) and I still very much enjoy my weekly lessons. The tutors are supportive, motivating and they customise the lesson to the students needs!

Learning new languages is hard, however my main tutor makes it a fun experience, thank you!


Get to Know Us

Study Twi is founded by Serwaa and Ama, we are Ghanaian girls born and raised in London. We were taught Akan Twi by our Asante parents and we are on a mission to teach you Twi making you profecient in speaking, reading, writing and comprehension.


Had enough of relying on family and friends to teach you Twi? Don't know where to start? Fed up of learning Twi from outdated textbooks? Finding it difficult to navigate your way through random Twi "lessons" online?


It's time to speak Twi and we're here to help you! So start here- build your confidence and learn how to express yourself in Twi today.

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