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Twi Tutoring lessons x5
Twi Tutoring Lessons x10

Our 1- on -1 lessons are carefully and professionally designed to get you speaking, listening, reading and writing straight away! Your personal Twi teacher will provide you with helpful feedback, corrections and answer any questions.


  • Learn quickly with Study Twi worksheets, slideshows, lesson notes, flashcards and vocabulary lists

  • Lessons follow a curriculum and are tailored to help you reach your goal

  • Study with a kind and patient teacher

  • Monitor your progress with short assignments and tests

  • Understand Ghanaian culture and etiquette

  • Practise real life conversations and dialogues

  • Improve your Twi pronunciation and grammar

  • Build your confidence and skills in speaking and listening. 

The Twi tutoring lessons will be privately hosted via online video conference call such as Skype or Zoom. You will be introduced to your teacher via email beforehand.

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