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5 Ways to Learn Twi Quickly - Study Twi

Updated: May 6, 2020

Learning a language is never really easy, even if you are living in the country the language is spoken in or whether it's supposed to be your mother tongue. However, studying a language doesn't have to be boring or time consuming - all it takes is dedication, discipline and a few minutes everyday. You can learn Twi, Ghana’s main language by following these 5 insightful tips provided by our experts below.

1) Incorporate Twi in your everyday life

The first thing we recommend is for Twi learners to incorporate the language in their daily routine. This can be done by taking at least 5 minutes a day to study. Learn a few words, phrases or grammar - whatever works for you. Be sure to use the few Twi words and phrases you know regularly. By using online resources, books and social media pages you will be able to learn Twi in small chunks everyday.

2) Watch Ghanaian TV programs and Videos

Adina on Mcbrown's Kitchen. Learn Twi quickly with Study Twi

Whatever your interest, you are bound to find a Ghanaian TV show or YouTube videos that suits your taste. Watching such content will improve your speaking and listening skills as well as help you understand how certain terminology is used, in addition, you will get a clearer overview of the Ghanaian culture.  We suggest watching fun/ lighthearted programs, for example cooking shows like McBrown's Kitchen or interviews from your favourite Ghanaian artists. You can also watch the news such as Adom FM where the reporters mostly speak in Twi. You will find that a lot of the media and news is in both English and Twi.

3) Listen to Afrobeats and Hi-Life

Learn Twi with Afrobeats artists Kuami Eugene and KiDi.

Another way you can learn Twi and improve your language skills is to listen to music in that language. Some great Ghanaian music artists include Kojo Antwi, Bisa Kdei, Sarkodie, Kuami Eugene and King Promise just to name a few. When you hear a Twi word be careful though, as not all artists sing or rap in Twi sometimes it’s in Ga or another Ghanaian language. As you keep listening and studying Twi you will be able to differentiate the languages easily.

4) Practise with your friends and family

It’s important to put what you’ve been learning into practise with Twi speaking family and friends, you can text, call, video call, FaceTime - you name it! Keep in mind that it doesn't need to be a full blown conversation as any little effort you make goes a long way and will soon pay off. Practising your Twi skills will enable you to become increasingly comfortable and confident in expressing yourself in Twi. Do not be afraid to ask for help from native Twi speakers and do not feel bad if they kindly correct you as this is part of the learning process.

5) Write down words and phrases you've learnt

It’s advisable to keep a notebook with you specifically dedicated to your Twi language learning process. Use it to write down random words you may hear (you can also keep notes on your mobile phone). Furthermore, you can write down key Twi vocabulary and sentences onto post-it notes and stick them around the house on objects like the fridge or on your work desk so whenever you see the post-it notes it will urge you to keep learning even passively.

6) Bonus -  Join a community of Twi speakers 

For daily Twi words and to get in touch with a community of Twi learners of different levels be sure to follow @StudyTwi on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Medaase paa! These tips really helped, because it is black history month, I want to learn my family's language and I am 12 years old. I already know the basics without having to even think about it, but I want to expand my vocab and speak it fluently. Thanks once again 💓

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