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5 Different Ways to Say “How Are You?” in Twi

Just like English, Twi has various ways you can greet people and ask them how they are doing. You're most likely reading this blog article because you want to find out other ways to ask “Eti sɛn?” and to come up with a more exciting response other than the predictable “ɛyɛ”. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to teach you different ways you can ask and respond to this question.

1. Mpom te sεn?

This literally means “how is your health?” and is a good way to show that you really know your Twi. It gives more of a caring and endearing approach which Ghanaians love!

2. Biribiara bɔkɔɔ deε?

Another way to ask how someone is is to ask whether everything is fine. Biribiara bɔkɔɔ deε? Means “Is everything fine/ok?” and it’s a colloquial approach making it suitable for close friends and family.

3. Asetenam te sεn?

The question “asetenam te sεn?” means “how’s life?” in English. This is a nice expression to ask someone who you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

4. Wo ho yɛ?

Are you ok? A simple way to ask whether someone is doing well and is usually used when talking to someone you know like colleagues, friends and close family.

5. Ɛkɔ sɛn? (Asante) Ɛrekɔ sɛn? (Akuapem)

How’s it going? This is another fantastic question to use with your close friends and family.

Now time to learn some alternative responses!

Instead of saying the typical “ɛyɛ” for I’m fine, which literally means “good” why not switch it up and use one of the following instead?

  • Me ho yɛ (paa) - I’m (really) well

  • Me ho nfa me - I don’t feel well

  • Bɔkɔɔ - I’m fine

  • Yehowa adom me ho yɛ - God’s grace I am fine

  • Bibiaraa yε - Everything is fine

  • Ɛyε kakra - I’m alright/ I’m kind of ok

The next time you want to say “how are you?” in Twi, try using one of the above!

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