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9 Encouraging Twi Phrases

We’re sure you can agree that there has been so much going on this year! Life is riddled with tragedies, outrage and pain, however there is still hope so please don’t feel so down! As you keep your loved ones close, we have put together 9 encouraging Twi phrases which are short and easy to learn. Why not use one of these Twi phrases to uplift a loved one?

1) Mpa abaw!

This means ‘don't give up’ and is pronounced as “em-pah ah-bah” in Asante Twi dialect, however, Akuapem Twi speakers pronounce the “w” at the end of “abaw.”

It’s so easy to give up, especially when things don’t seem to go your way but you’ve got this. Mpa abaw!

2) Me dwen wo ho

A lovely phrase to let someone know that you have them on your mind. This means “I’m thinking of you” or “you’re in my thoughts”.

3) Nya akokoduru

The meaning of this Twi phrase is to “be courageous” or to have courage. When literally breaking down the word “akokoduru” it means to have a heavy or strong chest.

4) Wo som bo

“You are special.” What an endearing phrase to hear! To give this phrase a personal touch you can say “wo som bo ma me” which means “you are special to me”.

5) Hwɛ wo ho so yie

This means to “look after yourself” or “take care of yourself”.

Safety is important and it’s lovely to let those around you know that you care about their safety and wellbeing.

6) Ka wo koma to wo yam

“Don't worry”. This can be literally translated to “put your heart in your stomach” meaning to put your heart at rest. Isn’t this encouraging?

7) Gye w’ahome

This is translated to “get some rest” in English. The days are draining and you can easily find yourself feeling burnt out so make sure you catch a break.

8) Nya gyidie na bɔ mpae

This phrase means “have faith and pray”. As things seem uncertain, many are using this time to strengthen their faith in God and to stay encouraged.

9) Me dɔ wo

“I love you.” Arguably the most powerful phrase. Don’t forget to let your friends and family know that you love them!

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