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Why should you learn Twi? - The African Language of Choice!

Updated: May 21, 2020

Are you looking to learn an African language? Africa is a language hub with about 1500 - 2000 languages spoken in the continent, so picking the right language may be challenging. Below we delve into one of the many languages - Twi and why it is the African language of choice for those looking to learn an exciting new language.

A bit about Twi

Ghana in west Africa has around 80 native languages including Ewe, Ga and Akan Twi. Twi is the national language after English and is commonly spoken throughout the country although it may not be the native tongue of those in various areas outside the Akan regions.

It is good to note that Twi is not just spoken in Ghana but all around the world across the Ghanaian diaspora in countries such as the UK, America, Germany, Italy and Australia. However, not all of those of Ghanaian descent have been exposed to Twi or have had the chance to learn it.

Twi or Akan Twi as it’s also called, is a blanket term referring to the language spoken in the Twi speaking kingdoms such as: Asante, Akuapem, Bono Ahafo and Fante. You will commonly hear the Asante dialect when listening or watching the news, movies and TV programs. You may also notice that Twi is often written in the Akuapem dialect when reading the Bible or other forms of text.

Here at Study Twi, many of our teachers speak with the Asante dialect and our online lessons, worksheets and personal tuition will mostly be a mix of both Asante and Akuapem Twi (Akuapem may be used more frequently in written text and this will be advised).

Twi is significant in the lives of many and here are the top 3 reasons why you should learn it:

1. Understand what your family are saying

Not only will you be able to understand what your parents, aunties and uncles are saying, it will also enable you to get closer to your roots. By studying Twi, it will become easier for you to grasp idioms, metaphors and euphemisms. Most importantly, you'll become comfortable in replying back!

2. Improve business relations

Being able to understand the culture is not always enough as language plays a huge role in day to day interactions. Business and professional documents are often written in English but in order to build a better client relationship, learning a few phrases in Twi will be beneficial. You can learn in your own time with our online Twi lessons or take one-to-one Twi classes with a tutor.

3. Enjoy your experience in Ghana

In 2019, Ghana saw a huge boom in tourism and citizenship from both Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians! By learning the Twi language, you will find yourself more at ease when visiting Ghana. Although English is widely spoken, Twi is the language used in everyday life when communicating with those of other regions and you will often hear it being used in the markets, shops, TV, radio and songs. When you learn Twi you will be able to navigate your way around - especially if you find yourself in sticky situations.

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